My Ongoing Arguments with Christianity and Myself

Why “The Post-Christian”?

Because Christianity supplies most of my spiritual vocabulary, even if it no longer supplies my creed.

Because Jesus fascinates me, no matter who Christians say he is.

Because I keep coming back to the Bible, even if I seldom pick up and read.

Because America is still overwhelmingly Christian, if the polls mean anything, so being American means being in conversation with Christianity, whether you like it or not.

Because my favorite Christian bloggers happen to be Baptist, of all things, and I want a way to respond.

Because the Emergent Christianity conversation intrigues me, and I’d like to throw in my two cents.

Because I like to keep up with the excesses of evangelicalism and fundamentalism.

Because I believe Christian spiritual formation can do great things, even if I don’t think it works for the reasons Christians think it works.

Because there are other post-Christians out there with important things to say, and I’d like to find them.

Because I hope I haven’t thrown out the baby with the bath water.


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